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A Graphic Design Studio that feels like home.

Mouse Island Design, a new name for 20 years of graphic design experience.

We’ve been doing this for a while.

Mouse Island Creatives was founded by an artist and an author and as the owners, we will be leading the creative team who crafts all of your graphic design work. Your project is never subcontracted out to the lowest bidder. For each client, every time, we are your designers. We have a team of creatives who we trust, thus ensuring our work is always up to the Mouse Island Creatives standards of excellence.

We approach design as an art form creating works uniquely crafted by the details you provide, to achieve your vision with our personal style.

We provide you with the resources (files) in multiple formats enabling you to customize your websites and enhance your customers’ experience. We do all this while never neglecting your need for business cards and all other related print materials.

Your brand is your reputation.

Your brand is what the world knows you by and without a consistent brand identity, you are sending mixed messages to your customers. Mouse Island Design can fix this for you. Our team of creatives specializes in logo design and refresh. Need a brochure to sell a product or your services? Our graphic design team can create it for you.

We have been doing just that for more than two decades. Our team of creatives consistently exceeds client expectations by designing products and packaging, printed consumables and publications, logos and brand books, not only to the highest industry standards but with a style that draws from contemporary and traditional art.

These are just a few of the design projects the Mouse Island Design team tackles on a daily basis. However, we know that sometimes all you need is some direction to get you started. We offer consulting services for just those situations. Mouse Island Design will help you create your advertising and marketing plan so all your communications are in-line with your brand standards and strategies. Fresh ideas, another set of eyes, a sounding board for new concepts… Mouse Island is the place to be.

Indie authors love us.

Mouse Island Design specializes in hardcover, softcover, epub, and cover design. We love to read and books hold a very special spot in our lives, both personal and in business. There is nothing more beautiful or smells more wonderful than the pages of a book and that is how we approach every written piece that crosses our desk. Know that your labor of love is treated with the highest respect and rest assured you will be an integral part throughout the entire project. Your words reflected in our cover design and page layout.

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Logo & Brand Development

Every memorable brand starts with a custom logo. Lets design or reimage yours now!


Our Design Clients

Combine a gifted artist, creative minds, computer savvy individuals, an honest hard working couple, dedicated to their clients, and you are just starting to understand the tremendous business that Shawn & Rowena have put together. They have collectively worked on four (4 )Fort Kent Lions Phonebooks to help produce a 1st class publication 2nd to none. They were involved in getting collective bids, did all of the design, editing, layout, and working with the publisher. They continue to expand their product and constantly have the customer in mind. They are the very best in all their undertakings – you should look no further – this partnership is the real thing!

Michael Moses Collins, Fort Kent Lions Club

When they aren’t creating jaw-dropping work, they’re inspiring others. These two are truly the best kind of people!”

Ellie M. Jalbert, Author: Storm of Ages Series

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