A graphic design partnership that does much more.

Mouse Island Design is headed by lead artist and designer Rowena McPherson. Rowena has always been captured by art and books and beautifully made designs. It was not long after high school when she found her first graphic design job, and she hasn’t left the field since. Over time, the employers have changed but the love of simple, professional design has never waned.


Why graphic design? Why Mouse Island Design?

Having been born and raised in a small town, surrounded by small businesses and entrepreneurs, Rowena saw a need. Being very familiar with bootstrapping in an economically depressed area, Rowena decided to begin offering her services in a freelance capacity to the branding challenged. It became evident rather quickly that this was something she could do full time and on her own. She was right. And… she was wrong.

Rowena has the talent, the knowledge, the education, and the experience to create any design, layout, book, or brand a client could possibly need, but she’s never been a fan of numbers. That’s a problem when running your own business. When Rowena and Shawn reconnected, the rest of the pieces fell into place. With his attention to detail, management and development experience, snappy copywriting skills, and background in finance, Shawn has focused both of their unique skills into a full-service design studio.

Mouse Island Design is not your everyday design studio.

Shawn and Rowena work tirelessly to make sure they meet the highest standards of service and quality. The kicker is they have fun doing it. As partners in business and in life, late night business meetings, armed with a glass of wine, pen and a notebook, happen often. That tends to be when the best ideas come out to play, and solving the world’s problems is easy. Maybe not the world’s problems, but definitely creative ones.